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Dilbert, a cartoon character developed by Scott Adams, himself a former employee of a large high-technology organization,[1], lives in a cartoon world populated by characters and situations that vary from parodies, to descriptions, to understatements of reality for knowledge workers. According to his creator, "Dilbert has the social skills of a mousepad", but seems to be a very competent engineer.

His primary manager, the Pointy-headed boss (PHB), displays a wide range of the behaviors of incompetent managers in highly technical industries, although, again, most engineers can think of management actions that are beyond the skills of the PHB.[2]

Dilbert's unnamed employer is riddled with the sort of intrigue that might make Niccolo Machiavelli cry, and Lucretia Borgia eat some of her own special recipes. Catbert is the manager of human resources, who treats employees rather like an especially nasty feline treats mice.


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  2. One vice-president of marketing, who shall go unnamed to protect the guilty, was late to a company-wide meeting. He apologized, saying "I was busy dialoging with my staff about their efforting on strategicizing."