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A reader is someone who uses this site without being a member, i.e. someone who is a not a Citizen.

If you do not have an account on this wiki and don't wish to become a contributor, you can still browse this site, follow announcements and participate in some discussions. If you have a question or a problem, there are various ways to approach those who are responsible for the site.

For other information about Citizendium for readers, see the help system. For information on linking to this site, see Friends of Citizendium.


Bugs and technical issues

Copyright and Behaviour

  • If you have a problem with material on this site or the behaviour of members, you may notify the 'Constabulary', who are the Citizendium's site moderators. To do this, email
  • If you think that someone has uploaded an image or other media to this site without the proper permissions or under incorrect licensing terms, email, or failing that, the Council via As a last resort, notify the Constabulary.
  • If you think that text on this site has been uploaded without the proper permissions, contact the Council; you may also notify the Constabulary if all else fails.
  • See also the Contact page.


  • Non-members may join a special Google group, but they must use their real names.
  • There is a blog on which you can post comments, but it is inactive as of January 2013.
  • For general discussion of Citizendium, the site also has a presence on Facebook and Google+.

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