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CZ Technical Information

This page comprises information about the technical underpinnings of Citizendium. This information provides those interested in contributing to CZ technical development with guidance on how to do so. It also provides non-technical citizens with instructions how to file bugs or enhancement requests.

How to file a bug or enhancement request

There are two ways to report a bug or make an enhancement request at Citizendium. The first uses the cz-bugs mailing list. Instructions how to use this list are found at CZ Buglist. The second way is to create a ticket on CZ Bugzilla. Instructions how to do that are found at How to use CZ Bugzilla.

How to create a CZ clone

It is sometimes convenient to create a personal copy of the CZ wiki. For example, some citizens may wish to work on their articles when they do not have internet access. Additionally, those interested in working on the code that implements the CZ wiki need to create a local development environment, which requires them to create a personal CZ clone. Instructions for creating a CZ clone on Ubuntu are found at How to set up a CZ clone on Ubuntu. Instructions for creating a CZ clone on CentOS 5.4 are found at How to set up a CZ clone on CentOS 5. CentOS is a Linux variant that is expert friendly. Those without significant experience using it should chose to implement their clone on Ubuntu.

How to check a current setting on the live wiki

A (slightly modified) copy of LocalSettings.php is provided at CZ:Technical/LocalSettings.php, and you can check most settings there. You can also check which extensions are installed at Special:Version.