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Archive:Approval and Feedback

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This is the future home of an Approval and Feedback Initiative: it's all about recognizing excellence.


Here is an alphabetical list of the voting members of the Approval and Feedback Workgroup. Anyone may view and comment on proposals before this group, on this Proposals System page.

Mailing list

The mailing list for the Approval and Feedback group, acting as a subcommittee of the Editorial Council and with authority to approve A&F proposals, is cz-approfeed. The list archives are open to read, but only specifically listed members of the A&F group can subscribe.

Problems with current (March 2008) article approval system

  • Rate of approval too slow
  • Too much confusion about what the process is
  • No simple, prominently-placed version of instructions
  • No easy way to get the word out to specific sets of editors that we want reviews
  • No set way for editors to simply review an article and thereby enumerate what an article needs in order to be approvable

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