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This article is a stub and thus not approved.
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Discuss approval process

A key question is whether a new article starts on the draft page or whether it starts on the article page. The idea would be that ONLY approved article reside in the main article space, all unapproved article would live in the draft space. See Japan for an example of that set up. The main article redirects to the draft version in this case. One disadvantage is that each new article needs to have a draft page and draft talk page set up as well as redirects being placed for the main article and its talk page. In addition to the three key pages (approval, metadata and unused subpages) that means at least seven pages need to be startted for a new article.

The alternative is to have it as in the Test article not approved version where the draft version does not exist until the article is approved. This is how we do it now. In addition to the three key pages (approval, metadata and unused subpages) that five pages need to be started for a new article.

Regarding the place for new edits, the draft page is more correct, the main article is more exciting. At the present stage I'd opt for the latter -- but open to change in the future. Is there a forum thread discussing this? Aleksander Stos 11:03, 15 August 2007 (CDT)
This has come up in mulitple places but no real discussion has really been had on the topic. i think we all agree that the draft is the correct place, although i like your point that it is more exciting to edit the main article. At present these templates are set up for the more exciting version ;) On approval it is not too much trouble to move the whole article to the draft version. Chris Day (talk) 08:36, 21 August 2007 (CDT)

Discuss categories

Are all the categories used useful, do we want to prune? For example we could cut the checklist series.

I just posted something to this end on the forum. Briefly, there are only two "generators" : Biology and "Approved" (BTW, "Advanced" should not be there at all). I'd like to prune as much as possible, but as of now at least some checklist-series categories seem to be useful.
1. We would point to "internal articles" from the main page (it replaces CZ Live) until there is no more external articles. Arguably, we can not get rid of all external articles right now since some authors imported their own work from WP and declare the will to maintain it here; it may take some time to give them a chance. Maybe there will always be pretty many authors importing their WP work and thus there will always be some external articles awaiting improvement or deletion.
2. Some intersections as e.g. "Biology approved" (or "Biology stubs") could be of interest and linked from the Workgroup page. I agree that a better way to do it is to have a tool that would list the intersection of any two categories. I have one, BTW, and will try to put it on-line.Aleksander Stos 10:54, 15 August 2007 (CDT)
I have pruned a bit in response to your concerns. Checklist gone, advanced is gone and CZ-live is gone. Chris Day (talk) 08:33, 21 August 2007 (CDT)

Discuss use of sub-subpages

The subpages template can be used on sub-subpages. At present we have it set up for the subpage Tables, Timelines and Signed Articles. Which other subpage topic might require this feature?

Discuss use of watchlist category

Is it useful to have a category with all a workgroups related pages that can be used similar to a watchlist in conjuntion with related changes?

We have maths articles tagged "Math Workgroup" and related changes show what happens within the workgroup. Yes, it's useful, if that was the question. Actually, I guess I don't understand it, since it is not possible to get rid of the basic Math tag. Maybe an example? Aleksander Stos 11:13, 15 August 2007 (CDT)
Currently only the main article has the workgroup tag. It is possible to have this category (or a similar math watchlist one) on every subpage, the draft page and the talk page too. The advantage of this is that using "related changes" an editor or author can then see all recent changes that have occurred to pages of interest to the math workgroup. This would act like a watchlist that includes all the math related pages. This might be useful for monitoring edits in the workgroup as a whole. Chris Day (talk) 08:32, 21 August 2007 (CDT)

Horizontal version

It should be noted that there is a horizontal version of this subpages template ({{subpages9}}) that functions in excatly the same way as this vertical version. See Chiropractic for an approved article using the horizontal version and New York City for an example of an unapproved article. Chris Day (talk) 08:41, 21 August 2007 (CDT)

Also note, if anyone wants to voice an opinion with respect to the style of the subpage navigation box (vertical buttons or horizontal tabs) check out this page: CZ:Subpages/Which_style? that is currently a community vote open until Friday 24th. Chris Day (talk) 08:45, 21 August 2007 (CDT)

trouble shooting notes

  • Approval page not function correctly .
  • Also no unused pages showing up.
  • Need to fix the external headers since that bit of code did not function as expected.
  • Need to correct header templates for talk page and Template:Works header.
  • Some headers have small font others large. Need to make them consistent.
  • Subpages category not being added, same for sub-subpages category.
  • Problem with parsing everything from the does a sub-subpage exist question (or {{{text|}}} equal to {{{pagename|}}}).

pre expand sizes

Tested on article page

Before x0 test

Pre-expand include size: 213622 bytes
Post-expand include size: 62624 bytes
Template argument size: 9102 bytes
Maximum: 4194304 bytes

After x0 test for checklist22

Pre-expand include size: 169,908 bytes
Post-expand include size: 47992 bytes
Template argument size: 6014 bytes
Maximum: 4194304 bytes

After x0 test on draft talk page:

Pre-expand include size: 659341 bytes
Post-expand include size: 114340 bytes
Template argument size: 11721 bytes
Maximum: 4194304 bytes

Chris Day (talk) 16:49, 13 March 2008 (CDT)

After adding another x0 nest on article page:
Pre-expand include size: 169,634 bytes
Post-expand include size: 47818 bytes
Template argument size: 5976 bytes
Maximum: 4194304 bytes
Chris Day (talk) 16:57, 13 March 2008 (CDT)
After adding in the to approve info boxes and the metdata template using x0 template
Pre-expand include size: 164836 bytes
Post-expand include size: 45272 bytes
Template argument size: 5529 bytes
Maximum: 4194304 bytes
Chris Day (talk) 17:26, 13 March 2008 (CDT)

Compare these size to using the subpages template (rather than subpages3);

Pre-expand include size: 1,841,368 bytes
Post-expand include size: 237768 bytes
Template argument size: 31610 bytes
Maximum: 4194304 bytes

This is not exactly equivalent since most of the templates for subpages3 do not exist.

Most recent changes with nesting do not allow the metadata tempalte to work correctly