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  • {{r|Mast Mounted Sight}} {{r|Mast-mounted sensor}}
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  • {{r|Mast Mounted Sight}} {{r|Mast-mounted sensor}}
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  • {{r|Mast Mounted Sight}} {{r|Mast-mounted sensor}}
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  • {{r|M242 Bushmaster}} {{r|Mast Mounted Sight}}
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  • The manner in which sensors are mounted on the helicopter is as important as the sensors themselves. A ...resight optical sight (for calibration) are packaged into a [[Mast Mounted Sight]] (MMS) that protrudes above the top of the rotor arc. This lets the helico
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  • ...l (missile)]] or U.S. [[FIM-92 Stinger]]. Crew members have helmet-mounted sights. The helicopter also fires 70mm Hydra [[unguided rocket]]s. ...e antitank missile has not been made by France and Spain. French versions mount a 30mm [[autocannon]].
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  • ...the rest of the vehicle being visible to enemy sensors. In this case, the "mast" is the central driveshaft for the helicopter's rotary wing (i.e., rotor).
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  • {{r|Mast Mounted Sight}}
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  • {{r|M242 Bushmaster}} {{r|Mast Mounted Sight}}
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  • ...lly neutral to both sides, although they clandestinely provided a smaller amount of [[Soviet support for Iran during the Iran-Iraq War|support to Iran]]. La ...ility to fly and fight at night, and to easily acquire and kill targets in mountain areas, marsh areas, and built-up areas. "Pop-up" tactics often worked a
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  • ...anned aerial and ground vehicles, unattended ground sensors, a non-line-of-sight launch system or "rockets in a box," as well as the overall networking. platforms, Tactical and Urban Sensors and Non Line of Sight-Launch
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  • ...ile; it also has a 30mm M230 autocannon, which is essentially a [[M242 Bushmaster]] firing larger ammunition. The Apache can also carry Hydra 70 unguided r ...d in the monocular eyepiece of the Honeywell Integrated Helmet And Display Sighting System, IHADSS, worn by the pilot and copilot/gunner.
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  • ...sensor measures the angular deviation between the missile and the line-of-sight; it operates at dual 1 and 10 micron wavelengths, eliminating infrared jamm Its "eyes" are in a retractable [[mast-mounted sensor]] Sensors include a Thales (formerly Thomson-CSF) Optrosys Castor
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  • ...mmune to a weight of explosive that bursts near the target, a far smaller amount, placed against the actual target and arranged to deliver its blast in the ...on that they didn't have one or two 7.62mm M-60 light machine guns in door mounts, fired as a secondary mission by crew chiefs, etc. These were viewed as se
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  • ...ges up to 500 nautical miles with automatic relay extension beyond line of sight. The true JTIDS messages and channels are separate, in frequency and chann ..., but does use [[time division multiple access]] between an aircraft and a master operator. Within each timeslot, it uses command-and-response protocol to
    14 KB (2,115 words) - 13:07, 19 September 2013
  • | 1 × [[5" /38 caliber gun|5"/38 caliber dual purpose gun mount]], <br/> 8 × .50 cal machine guns ...small boats hazardous by 1400, but the unloading continued in the face of mounting difficulties. By 1645, however, after the ship had managed to put ashore
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  • ...likon Skyshield) and against small boats (e.g., [[M242 Bushmaster|25mm Bushmaster]]), especially potential suicide attackers. ...ship's cannon, of any appreciable size, would jerk backward on its wheeled mounting. At best, it would have to be rolled back to aim the next shot, or it co
    47 KB (7,591 words) - 22:13, 21 February 2010
  • ...sive sonar was useful only to give general warnings. Combining long, hull-mounted or towed microphone arrays with signal processing resulted in '''target m Surfaced submarines, periscopes or other raised masts can be detected by [[radar]]; [[synthetic aperture radar]] is particularly
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  • ...litary and political events. Henry had managed to convince King Duarte, to mount an attack on the Moroccan city of Tangier. Unlike the capture of Ceuta, the ...y [[Álvaro Fernandes]], decided to sail southward, reaching the [[Cape of Masts]] (it received this name because the palm trees on the shore didn’t have
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  • ...y's central coast, and inland from the Pacific Ocean up into the Santa Ana Mountains. The bulk of the population occupied the outlets of two large creeks, S ...s''" (who lived along the coast) and the "''Serranos''" (who inhabited the mountains, some three to four leagues from the Mission).<ref>Hittell, p. 746</ref
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