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A list of key readings about Labour Party (UK).
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  • Beveridge, William: Social and Allied Services (The Beveridge Report), HMSO 1942[1]
  • Blair, Tony A Journey, Hutchinson, 2010
  • Cairncross, Alec: Years of Recovery: British Economic Policy 1945-51, Taylor & Francis, 2006
  • Hattersley, Roy: Fifty Years - A prejudiced history of Britain since the war. Abacus, 1997
  • Healey, Denis: Time of My Life, Penguin, 1989
  • Jenkins, Roy: Life at the Centre, Macmillan, 2001
  • Mandelson, Peter| The Third Man, Harper Press, 2010
  • Marr, Andrew: A History of Modern Britain, Macmillan, 2007
  • Wilson, Harold: The Making of a Prime Minister 1916-64, 1986