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The resolution

Whereas, reference information of the same sort that is sought in an encyclopedia can without a great change of mission be added to an encyclopedia project;

Whereas, it has been part of our declared intention, since the project was originally announced, that we might expand to include other sorts of information;

Whereas, our Citizens have already on several occasions added such information alongside traditional encyclopedia article drafts;

Whereas, information of different types grouped together in sets about individual topics are more useful than having the same information ungrouped;

Resolved, That the Citizendium adopts subpages as a new format and tool, as described in CZ:Subpage Pilot (which see). In particular,

(1) there will be a template, similar to either {{subpages4}} (example of use) or {{subpages9}} (example of use), on each article page;

(2) "default" subpages, links to which are listed even if there is no content on the page yet, are to include Related Articles (see example), Bibliography (see example), and Links (see example);

(3) among a wide variety of other subpages, the Citizendium will begin to invite, and include, signed articles, according to the policy explained at Signed Articles (which see, and see also this example);

(4) all new subpage types will be announced to the Council, which will have the option of discussing and voting on them;

(5) when articles are approved by Citizendium editors, it will be understood that all of the associated subpages are being approved as well; and

(6) note that in coming months, when we reorganize and expand our leadership, we may well choose editors responsible for different subpage types.

Method of execution

Unlike our resolutions so far, this resolution will require several distinct steps to implement:

(1) Once approved, we will hold a plebicite on the format of the subpage template. (This might be done concurrently with Council discussion.)

(2) Write complete and clear instructions on how to use subpages; update all existing help and policy pages accordingly.

(3) We will place {{subpages}} automatically (by a script or other automatic means) on all articles.

(4) We will execute a "Big Subpagination" project, i.e., a project to move most endmatter, and other material that belongs on subpages, onto subpages.

(5) Finally, execute projects to format our Related Articles, Bibliography, and Links subpages properly.


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