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Hi I'm a student in the UK. While studying physics and maths, I also like sports (specially football), politics (particularly left-wing politics), information technology and computers, anime, biology etc. We always had a copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica, and I had access to the online version for a while, but in my view the concept of the user-contributed wiki resource (as originally suggested by Ben Kovitz to Larry Sanger) is bound to supersede a traditionally based encyclopedia. I also edit Wikipedia and hang around on IRC when I should be asleep. Brahms is my fave classical composer.


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~ Plans ~
Short term plans
1. expand art. Reed College
2. + art. grav-mass
3. + art. Newtonmass
Longer-term plans
1. get better photo for David Attenborough
2. perhaps some images for Buskaid
~ Roles and notes ~
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Notes to self
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Public notes :

absit iniuria verbis