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I am a Flemish writer and retired teacher living in Brasschaat, a town near Antwerp, Belgium, and I hope to be able to contribute something valuable to this project. For about 30 years I worked as a elementary school teacher, meanwhile I took some open university courses in Arts and wrote a few Dutch children books. In the late nineties I was a columnist for a Dutch computer magazine ('Netwerk') and worked as a programmer of educational software in my wife's company. Then I made a career change and left the classroom to join the Antwerp IT-team that was made responsible for implementing the use of computers in the classroom and the training and proficiency of teachers in that specific domain. I am retired now and enjoy the good life! For me that means playing the saxophone, reading and studying a lot, translating English poems (Shakespeare's sonnets, John Donne), walking my dogs, and contributing to the Dutch Wikipedia. I do not consider myself to have a real field of expertise, but I do read a lot about philosophy, jazz and English literature.

See you soon,