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Hi, I am a Flemish writer and retired teacher living in Brasschaat, a town near Antwerp, Belgium, and I hope to be able to contribute something valuable to this project. For about 30 years I worked as a elementary school teacher, meanwhile I studied at the open university for about eight years (Faculty of Arts) and wrote a few Dutch books for adults and for children. In the late nineties I was a columnist for a Dutch computer magazine ('Netwerk') and worked as a programmer of educational software in my wife's company. At about that time I also made a career change and quit teaching to start working as an ICT coordinator in the city of Antwerp.

I am retired now and spend my time reading, translating English poems (Shakespeare's sonnets, John Donne), studying, and walking my dogs. I also write poetry and short stories and some of them where published in literary magazines. I enjoy playing guitar, blues harp and thin whistle, watching old movies, painting still lifes and listening to my favourite music (traditional jazz and jazz manouche). I am the webmaster and editor of, a site dedicated to free available Dutch translations of Shakespeare's work, and of John Donne, Life and Work.

  • My language skills: Dutch (mother tongue), English and French (middle level, reading and writing), German (basic, reading), Spanish (basic, reading).
  • B.A. in education, studying Arts and Humanities ('Cultuurwetenschappen') for fun at the Dutch Open University - cultural history, art history, literature and philosophy. I also took courses in scriptwriting, music theory and network management for a few years.

Articles I'm currently working on

Articles started on Citizendium

Pre-Socratic philosophy - Arthur Schopenhauer - The Tempest (play) - Cynics - Socratic dialogue - Protagoras (dialogue) - Gorgias (dialogue) - Critias - Protagoras - Jack Sels - Witch-cult hypothesis - Witchcraft - Witch-hunt - Philosophy of history - Aedesius - Walt Whitman - John Galsworthy - Henry James - Edith Wharton - James George Frazer - Margaret Murray - Tarot cards - Clara Reeve -Ann Radcliffe

Contributed to: John Donne - Renaissance - Arthur Conan Doyle - Gothic novel - Saxophone - William Wordsworth - Henry David Thoreau -American literature (expanded lemma article) - Magic