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  • ...history ''The Idea of History'']. Oxford University Press, pp. 9-10</ref> British historian [[E. H. Carr]] (1892&ndash;1982) has advised that history is not ...l critic [[Michel Foucault]], American anthropologist [[Clifford Geertz]], British labor historian [[E. P. Thompson]] and American intellectual historians [[
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  • ...the book would be interesting. Perhaps you or someone in the biochemistry subgroup would undertake the writing of such a stand-alone article. ...English", but I read much American literature, and see more American than British films. (And I read material in "the common language of science: bad or brok
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  • Chris, in your test layout of the Chemical Engineering subgroup, we now have: # A listing of any subcategories in the subgroup (and the articles (pages) in those categories) without the status or defini
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  • ..., A. "Why Do Patients Turn to Complementary Medicine? An Empirical Study." British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 1996. 35:37-48. ...nen, J., Knipschild, P., and ter Riet, G. "Clinical Trials of Homeopathy." British Medical Journal. 1991. 302(6782):316-23.
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  • :::Just go to [[:Category:Chemical Engineering Subgroup]] and click on members. Thanks for all your help. [[User:Milton Beychok|Mil :::::As a Brit, I maintain that that is very unusual, if not incorrect, in British English, and I think that CZ policy is for the creator's language to be use
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  • [[:Category:British Commonwealth numismatics|British Commonwealth numismatics]] (8) [[:Category:British African numismatics|British African numismatics]] (4)
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  • ...Ethics of the World Medical Association. Declaration of Helsinki |journal=British Medical Journal |volume=2 |issue=5402 |pages=177 |year=1964 |month=July |pm ...|author=Schulz KF, Grimes DA |title=Multiplicity in randomised trials II: subgroup and interim analyses |journal=Lancet |volume=365 |issue=9471 |pages=1657–
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  • ...vely compared to ''[[Ornithocephalus]]'' species. The leaves of this later subgroup, unlikely all the other ''Heterotaxis'' species, are not glossy; they seem Register; Consisting of Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants Cultivated in British Gardens; with their History and Mode of Treatment vol.12: t. 1028. London.<
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  • ...Indian English or Trinidadian English. We only need American English and British (or Commonwealth, if you'd rather) English. {{r|British Doctors Aspirin Trial||:::::}}
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  • *that an organized subgroup of chiropractors in the USA openly promote "drugless healing" as a business ...and putting the general population at risk of epidemics. Worryingly, this subgroup is the ''same'' group that advocates chiropractic as comprehensive primary
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  • ...Ethics of the World Medical Association. Declaration of Helsinki |journal=British Medical Journal |volume=2 |issue=5402 |pages=177 |year=1964 |month=July |pm ...|author=Schulz KF, Grimes DA |title=Multiplicity in randomised trials II: subgroup and interim analyses |journal=Lancet |volume=365 |issue=9471 |pages=1657–
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  • for a more complete explanation. By the way, that moving dog in your Subgroup header was just for a lark, if you want a more static version, maybe with a :::::Nah, just things starting with T, rather like many British warship names, of the same class, all start with the same letter. Three rel
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  • ...ent Population by Sex, Race, and Hispanic-Origin Status and I see that the subgroup '''White''' rose by 13 million between 2000 and 2007. It seems like the US ...White_British White British] is there too (white was an option on the 2001 British census apparently), [ White Bra
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  • ...wing up in the Chemistry, Engineering or Chemical Engineering workgroup or subgroup listings. I think that help is needed from Chris Day. [[User:Milton Beychok :As far as British WWII, if they weren't under Combined Operations (Keyes, and then Mountbatte
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  • ...res de France, p. 6.</ref> Occitan and Catalan form a very compact Romance subgroup, and even a common [[diasystem]], called ''Occitano-Romance''. It is an ove ...ittle more discrepant than the regional modalities of Standard English (as British, American, Canadian, Australian...), so they remain fully and easily unders
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  • ...ructive pulmonary disease. Definition, epidemiology, and risk factors.'' [[British Medical Journal|BMJ]] 2006;332:1142-1144. PMID 16690673</ref> but can be du ...m compared with 4% (7 deaths) in the titrated oxygen arm; mortality in the subgroup with confirmed COPD was 9% (11 deaths) in the high flow arm compared with 2
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  • ...ournal |author=Preston RA, Materson BJ, Reda DJ, ''et al'' |title=Age-race subgroup compared with renin profile as predictors of blood pressure response to ant
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  • ...erly correct me because the WWII Germans did not use all caps. The current British do not, which is why Operation Granby (they didn't have sub-operations) goe A third one I am driving, the subgroup proposal, is pretty much ready to go for a vote (that one is currently in t
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  • variant <- choose AE, BE or CE for American, British or Canadian English-> Note to self: need a subgroup version of [[Template:Wk gp tbl]]
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  • :I've created the [[CZ:Energy policy Subgroup]] and a top-level [[Energy policy]] article to which [[renewable energy]] i ...seems like forever using the internet which often uses US format, but I am British myself. When I see a date like 6/7/10 I have no idea if that is 7th June or
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  • Also, I assume that you are using British English conventions here? Otherwise, the quotes should be double, not sing ...e) associations that might upset some political or religious or scientific subgroup. Those kind of things might be life, as Anthony is fond of punning (God hel
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  • ...the object broker. Nevertheless, I have set up [[CZ: Emergency management Subgroup]], which addresses the inherently interdisciplinary problem of such topics, ...n my opinion, awful. Perhaps terrorism might better be under an Insurgency Subgroup; virtually all terror has been associated with insurgency, other than nihil
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  • ::: My (British) Collins (1979) has to meanings of "fuse" - ::::For that matter, we haven't even touched fusee, which I suspect is more British English. More common American English for "fusee" would be "highway flare".
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  • ...ut you may not have heard about the abortive German attempt to damage the British economy by flooding it with forged banknotes? Nothing else occurs to me rig ...ppropriate. Economics? Business? Law? Computing? If we created a Security Subgroup, would accounting and audit be part of it? [[User:Howard C. Berkowitz|Howar
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  • ...and putting the general population at risk of epidemics. Worrisomely, this subgroup is the ''same'' group that advocates chiropractic as comprehensive primary An article by Simon Singh brought a libel suit from the British Chiropractic association, which they eventually dropped.
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  • ...tent article on) ''historical-comparative linguistics''--is one of these a subgroup of the other? if not perhaps their representation on the lists in the ling ...tudied by some scholars for generations by then, hadn't they? Inevitably, British colonisation of India would be a factor, I am sure. In any case, I wouldn'
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  • I noticed you were working on the [[microbiology]] page. I added the subgroup on the biology draft page (don't know how to link this) since it was absent ...mmonwealth)]] should be moved to [[Cent (Commonwealth of Nations)]], since British Commonwealth is simply an informal term and [[Commonwealth of Nations]] is
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  • ...lumbar intervertebral disc |journal=The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume |volume=89 |issue=9 |pages=1135–9 |year=2007 |month=September |pmi ...ison of the effectiveness of three manual physical therapy techniques in a subgroup of patients with low back pain who satisfy a clinical prediction rule: a ra
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  • ...l edit! One day I thought I would save time while adding the Biochemistry subgroup to dozens of pages, and instead of adding a space or blank line, I did null ...e Related Articles of Sandwich, Whisky, Marmite all pointed to "Catalog of British cuisine" and transcluded the Definition which was marked "speedydelete". Th
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  • ...Isle, however, is that no major external powers were involved between the British and Irish nationalists (of various flavors). ...and VNQDD and Chinese and others. Only recently did I myself learn that a British force, in 1945, got French paratroopers out of prison and helped them overt
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  • === British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report === The committee commissioned by the British government has reassessed homeopathy as a treatment option under the nation
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  • *2 Each can be moderated by a subgroup with expertise in the relevant subarea ...eems unfair to the epistles... Maybe we could do like the "Ship of Fools" (British website) and call them 'Pistles to the 'Postles! [[User:Bei Dawei | Bei Daw
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  • *"Leucocythemia", which I'm guessing is a British synonym for leucocytosis. By definition, leucocytosis is an elevated white ...p article. Maybe it is time to start a [[CZ:Homeopathy Subgroup|homeopathy subgroup]] where these articles and potential authors can find an organisational hom
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  • ...ich is intended for all of the English speaking world. Do the European and British chiropractors have the degree DC? In South Africa they are awarded a Master ...loading in New York by the thousands. It was exciting and new markets for British and German products were opening everywhere. Competition was tight. Flexn
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  • :42% of [[medicine in the U.K.|British doctors]] refer patients to homeopaths.<ref name="Fisher"/> ...s cited. All that I could find on a scan of the article was "up to 37% of British general practitioners use homoeopathy." There was also this: "Those who us
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  • ...ery precedent for an environmentally related article to be in Engineering, Subgroup Environmental Engineering. I am truly tired &mdash; and I'm not speculati ...article (or at least rewrote it from scratch in its current form) and am a British English speaker, but I don't particularly care what dialect is used. I'd su
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  • analogy that fits the frustrations that new arrival have here. I speak british English, but I live in the US. For a long time I found some situations wher ::Interesting Howard. @Chris: I prefer the British "lift" for elevator, but I much prefer the American "truck" to "lorry". And
    239 KB (40,238 words) - 16:03, 28 April 2010

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