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Citizendium is governed by its policy document, which are the only binding rules. Previous rules and policies remain as guidance to be consulted, followed, improved upon or ignored, depending on the community.

See Personnel for staff lists. Currently, the Technical Staff perform all functions, including moderating behavior.

Technical Staff

Technical staff are responsible for ensuring all Citizendium computing assets operate properly. They perform routine system administration functions, fix software bugs, sometimes engage in software development on Citizendium's computing applications, and maintain Citizendium's servers.

Former tech staff:

  • Joshua Sadule (in 2020 if not earlier; on the server side of things; exited Mar. 2022)
  • Francisco Reyes (since March 27th, 2015; exited Mar. 2022; still advises some)


The Treasurer is responsible for Citizendium's finances. The holder (currently Mark Widmer) also administers donations and can be tasked with various other duties. The post was created in 2011.


Citizendium currently has no binding requirement to hold elections unless its members decide otherwise. The results of past Citizendium elections are noted on the Elections page.

Previous governance

Citizendium was initially run by the Editor-in-Chief, Larry Sanger, with the help of volunteers. The first formal governance structure was an Editorial Council, which ultimately gave way to a two-Council governance structure once the Charter was established. Governance then comprised the Management and Editorial Councils, one for administrative matters and the other to oversee content. The first version of the Charter also separately set up the roles of Managing Editor and Ombudsman, the latter to decide disputes over articles. The Councils were merged into a single governing body, with the Managing Editor a non-voting member, in 2013. In 2014, the office of Ombudsman was abolished and its duties merged into the role of Managing Editor. In 2015, the Managing Editor became a voting member of the Council.

In November 2016, the Citizendium community decided to reduce all then-current rules and Charter articles to the status of guidance only, and establish a single ten-point set of policies to run the project. Previous rules and the Charter may be used as a working framework but contributors are only bound to follow the policy document.

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