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This page contains standards and regulations related to Addendum [[CZ:Subpages|subpages]].

== What is a Addendum subpage? ==
== What is a Addendum subpage? ==

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This page contains standards and regulations related to Addendum subpages.

What is a Addendum subpage?

An Addendum is, quite specifically, a continuation of the encyclopedia article. This is to be carefully distinguished from other kinds of subpages in that it is specifically contextualized by, and is supplementary text for, the encyclopedia article. In other words, it would and could be included in a longer version of the article, but in order to keep the main article brief, we have simply moved this text to a different page.

To be clear, an Addendum is not intended to stand by itself, but is written specifically to throw light on a specific encyclopedia article (and not any subpage). It is possible that information in an Addendum would also be elaborated in greater and self-contained detail in a separate article altogether.


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