Yellow Submarine

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Yellow Submarine is the tenth album by the Beatles, released on 17 January 1969 as the soundtrack of the film with the same title. The last seven songs are instrumentals from the film.

Track list

All tracks by Lennon/McCartney except where noted:

  1. 'Yellow Submarine'
  2. 'Only a Northern Song' (George Harrison)
  3. 'All Together Now'
  4. 'Hey Bulldog'
  5. 'It's All Too Much' (Harrison)
  6. 'All You Need Is Love'
  7. 'Pepperland' (George Martin)
  8. 'Sea of Time' (George Martin)
  9. 'Sea of Holes' (George Martin)
  10. 'Sea of Monsters' (George Martin)
  11. 'March of the Meanies' (George Martin)
  12. 'Pepperland Laid Waste' (George Martin)
  13. 'Yellow Submarine in Pepperland' (Lennon, McCartney, arr. George Martin)