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World War II, Homefront/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about World War II, Homefront.
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  • WWII Homefront - Collection of color photographs of the homefront during World War II
  • 10 Eventful Years: 1937-1946 4 vol. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1947. Highly detailed encyclopedia of events in every country.
  • Beck, Earl R. The European Home Fronts, 1939-1945 Harlan Davidson, 1993, brief
  • Brandt, Karl. The reconstruction of world agriculture (1945) online edition
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  • Milward, Alan. War, Economy and Society 1977 covers homefront of major participants
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  • Schultz, Theodore, ed. Food for the world (1945) online edition
  • Wright, Gordon. The Ordeal of Total War (1968), covers all of Europe excerpt and text search

Australia and New Zealand


See also Winston Churchill

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  • Titmuss, Richard M. Problems of Social Policy(1950) official history


see also William Lyon Mackenzie King

  • Granatstein, J. L. Canada's War: The Politics of the Mackenzie King Government. (1975).
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  • Pierson, Ruth Roach. They're Still Women After All: The Second World War and Canadian Womanhood. (1986)
  • Stacey, C. P. Arms, Men and Governments: The War Policies of Canada, 1939-1945 (1970) standard survey

primary sources

  • Dexter, Grant. Ottawa at War: The Grant Dexter Memoranda, 1939-1945, edited and introduced by Frederick W. Gibson and Barbara Robertson, (1994) 513pp primary sources. online edition
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Poland and Ukraine

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  • Vallin, Jacques; Meslé, France; Adamets, Serguei; and Pyrozhkov, Serhii. "A New Estimate of Ukrainian Population Losses During the Crises of the 1930s and 1940s." Population Studies (2002) 56(3): 249-264. Issn: 0032-4728 Fulltext in Jstor. Reports life expectancy at birth fell to a level as low as ten years for females and seven for males in 1933 and plateaued around 25 for females and 15 for males in the period 1941-44.


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