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William Westmoreland/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about William Westmoreland.
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  • Brower, Charles F.; "Strategic Reassessment in Vietnam: the Westmoreland 'Alternate Strategy' of 1967-1968." Naval War College Review 1991 44(2): 20-51
  • Carland, John M. "Winning the Vietnam War: Westmoreland's Approach in Two Documents," The Journal of Military History 68.2 (2004) 553-574 in Project Muse
  • Carland, John M. Combat Operations: Stemming the Tide, May 1965-October 1966 (2000), official Army history. Online in chapters:
  • Cubbage, T. L. “Westmoreland vs. CBS: Was Intelligence Corrupted by Policy Demands?” Intelligence & National Security 1988 3(3): 118-180
  • Westmoreland, William C. A Soldier Reports (1976) autobiography
  • Zaffiri, Samuel. Westmoreland: A Biography of General William C. Westmoreland (1994) 502pp