Weimar Chancellor

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In the Weimar Republic, the Chancellor was the head of government, appointed by the President of the Republic. Under normal circumstances, the position was weak, with decisions made by a majority of the cabinet. The Chancellor, however, could be authorized to rule by decree.

Name Term Party Notes
Philipp Scheidemann 2/1919-6/1919 SDP
Gustav Bauer 6/1919 -2/1920 SPD
Hermann Mueller 3/1920-6/1920 and


Konstantin Fehrenbach 6/1920-5/1921 Zentrum
Joseph Wirth 5/1921-11/1922 Zentrum
Wilhelm Cuno 11/1922-8/1923 No party
Gustav Stresseman 8/1923-11/1923 DVP
Wilhelm Marx 11/1923-1/1925 and


Hans Luther 1/1925-5/1926 DVP
Heinrich Bruening 3/1930-5/1932 Zentrum
Franz von Papen 6/1932-11/1932 Zentrum for 3 days

then no party

Vice Chancellor under Hitler
Kurt von Schleicher 12/1932-1/1933 No party
Adolf Hitler 1933-1945 NDSAP Replaced Chancellor and President with Fuhrer