Weavers Way

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The Weavers Way is a long-distance footpath situated in Norfolk, England, starting on the coast at Cromer, heading inland and finishing once more on the coast at Great Yarmouth. The length of the path is about 61 miles (100km).

The walk splits conveniently into seven sections, although some may be combined:

1. Cromer to Aldborough (9 miles)

2. Aldborough to Aylsham (8.5 miles)

3. Aylsham to North Walsham (6.3 miles)

4. North Walsham to Stalham (8 miles)

5. Stalham to Thurne (13.5 miles)

6. Thurne to Halvergate (7.7 miles)

7. Halvergate to Great Yarmouth (8 miles)

At Cromer the Weavers Way links with the Peddars Way and North Norfolk Coastal Path, which itself starts at Knettishall Heath. At Great Yarmouth there is a link with the Angles Way, which leads along the valleys of the Waveney and Little Ouse eventually back to Knettishall Heath. Combining all three long distance paths gives a circular loop of over 220 miles (355km).

There is also a link between the Weavers Way and the Wherryman's Way.