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This article refers to the city in the Republic of Ireland. For the county, see County Waterford. For other places named Waterford, see Waterford, disambiguation.

Waterford is both a county in Ireland and also the name of its most famous city. The city of Waterford is sometimes touted as Ireland’s ‘first city’, because it is the oldest city in Ireland. Waterford County is also called the Crystal County because of its association with the Waterford Crystal enterprises.

The city of Waterford dates from Viking times. The exact date of settlement is not known, though most date the city from the time of the Viking re-occupation in 914. The exact etymology of the name is also not certain, but is accepted to be from Old Norse words meaning either Windy Fjord, Weather Fjord, or Ram’s Fjord.

The current population of Waterford is just over 49.000 persons.