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User:Subpagination Bot

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This is a bot, that is, a program that interacts with the Citizendium website like a human editor. Bots are useful for repetitive tasks that do not require judgment. This particular bot account is run by User:Jitse Niesen and helps with the conversion to the subpages system described at CZ:Subpages.

In case things go wrong, the bot can be stopped by leaving a message on User:Subpagination Bot/Emergency stop. If that does not help, constables can stop it by blocking the account. It would be appreciated if you could leave a short note on User talk:Jitse Niesen so that the matter can be resolved promptly.

This bot is written in Python using the pywikipediabot library.


See the task pages for details.

  • Task 1: the conversion of checklisted articles to the subpages system (initial pass completed)
  • Task 1b: continually convert newly checklisted articles (in planning)
  • Task 2: create Workgroup Subpages Categories