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Roger A. Lohmann, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus at West Virginia University. Formerly, he was a Professor of Social Work, Founder and Chair of the Nova Institute and Faculty Associate of the Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University. He was also formerly Adjunct Professor of Social Work and Faculty Associate of the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Case Western Reserve University and Editor Emeritus of Nonprofit Management and Leadership (2000-2008). He was named to the Nonprofit Times list of the 50 Most Powerful & Influential People in the Nonprofit Sector (2007).

Selected Publications

Dr. Lohmann is author of Above The Bottom Line: Financial Management in Human Services (National Association of Social Workers, 2015) and the electronic book Voluntary Action in New Commons (2015) . He is co-editor ( with Jon Van Til) of Resolving Community Conflicts and Problems: Public Deliberation and Sustained Dialogue. Columbia University Press (2011) and co-editor with Nancy Lohmann of Rural Social Work (Columbia University Press, 2005), and co-author of Social Administration (Columbia University Press, 2002), author of 'The Commons: New Perspectives on Nonprofit Organizations, Voluntary Action and Philanthropy'. (Jossey-Bass, 1992), author of Breaking Even: Financial Management in Human Services. (Temple University Press, 1980), and numerous journal articles, book chapters and encyclopedia entries.

Lohmann is also the author and principal developer of the common theory of voluntary action, an approach to commons detailing the role of voluntary association, peaceful assembly, public deliberation, sustained dialogue and other factors in the management of common pool resources.

Many of his journal articles, conference papers, unpublished and self-published papers are available for download at his Research Repository pages

A current Google Scholar listing of his publications is here.

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