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During a career mainly in computer system software development I was involved in making mathematical models of economic processes which lead me to an interest in cycles. For more than a decade I studied cycles in paid employment and then decided at age 42 to retire from employment in order to study cycles full time.

I was appointed an International Advisory Board member of the Foundation for the study of Cycles in 1989. Since 1997 I have run an interdisciplinary cycles discussion forum on internet. In 2004 with others I started Cycles Research Institute for the scientific study of cycles and exchange of information.

I wish to mention in particular the work of Edward R. Dewey (see in wikipedia) who was the founder of FSC. A report of his main findings which have been confirmed by others can be found at and this is excellent background on cycles studies. There has been a continuous battle in wikipedia to stop ignorant people trying to remove or butcher material about Dewey and FSC, so I have decided to join Citizendium because it seems to have safeguards against this.