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I am a Biochemist. In 1992, I enrolled in the "Licenciatura" in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Oporto, Portugal. I finished this study in September 1996, after a 6-month training period under the supervision of Prof. Fred Hagen, at the Department of Biochemistry of the Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands. In November, I started my PhD research on the soluble hydrogenase of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus, under the joint supervision of Prof. Baltazar de Castro (Faculty of Sciences, University of Oporto, Portugal) and Prof. Fred Hagen (Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands, and later at the Department of Biotechnology, Delft Technical University, the Netherlands). Eventually, the research focus broadened to include other metalloproteins from P. furiosus, which were successively purified and characterized by biochemical, electrochemical and spectroscopic methods (electron paramagnetic resonance, UV-Vis spectroscopy, cofactor analysis, bioinformatics, enzymology, etc).

In March 2001 I graduated as a PhD in Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Oporto, Portugal. Since then, I have been investigating enzyme mechanisms through quantum mechanical methods, in collaboration with Prof. Maria João Ramos (REQUIMTE/Fac. Ciências Univ. Porto). I lecture at a small University in Oporto.

I am an editor in Biochemistry / Chemistry / Molecular Biology. My CV is available here (in Portuguese) and here (English).


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