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User:Meni Rosenfeld

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I am a student at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, for an MSc in mathematics. I have a BA in mathematics from the Open University of Israel.

My main interests are science (in a somewhat broad sense, including subjects such as mathematics, physics and computing) and video games (in particular, computer role-playing games and strategy games).

I have been a Wikipedia editor (under the same name) for some time, but my participation there (which was never very active to begin with) has decreased as I have lost my faith in the ultimate impact my contributions have among the flood of vandalism and low-quality edits. I have decided to give Citizendium a try, as it seems to better capture my idea of an optimal encyclopedia. I make no promises about any level of active participation here, though.

If you think an edit I made could have been a little bit better, feel free to mercilessly improve it. It will be even better if you can clearly explain why this is indeed an improvement, perhaps with links to policy or guideline pages. The way to learning is by making mistakes and understanding why they are mistakes.