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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

Marc was born and raised in the county of Bronx, NY, USA, where he lived until the age of seven, whereupon he relocated to Rockland County, NY. Attending area public high schools, he developed an interest in writing, education, and music. Marc graduated from the State University of New York College at New Paltz with a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and is curently completing the requirements for a Master's Degree in Instructional Design and Technology at NYIT. For the past 25 years, Marc has worked in a number of different industries, including retail sales, entertainment, and education. He has taught a variety of academic subjects in several educational venues, including English as a Second Language, French, and Special Education. For the past two years, Marc has worked as an independent consultant specializing in software application training, instructional design, and business management to corporate clients. In his spare time he enjoys consulting on software development projects, traveling, music, and lounging around with his cats Crimson and Clover.