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My name is Lisa Soloff. I'm 25 years old, and I live in New York City. I grew up in Brooklyn, went to college in Boston, and now I have my Masters in Public Health from Columbia University. I work at a large home health care agency in New York City, in the Children and Family Services Division. I coordinate a program for low-income, first time mothers. Writing has always been one of my passions. It’s the way I express myself best. I am also somewhat of a “go to” person for my friends, boy friend, and family. I find that a lot of times, when people have papers or writing samples they need edited, they come to me. I studied psychology and public health in school, so I would consider these my main areas of expertise, but I am also interested in exploring some new areas as well. Composing a good piece of writing gives me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. However, I feel that a piece of writing is never really “done.” It can always be edited to make it better. I love reading the work of other writers- I find it so interesting to learn about other people’s writing styles.