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User:John Fischer

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I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania taking an Eduzendium course taught by Citizendium editors Pat Palmer and Dave Matuszek. I will author in the Computers Workgroup on unlocked articles relating to various emerging software technologies.

Education History

I received a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a Minor in Chinese Language from the United States Naval Academy in 2009. Some of the Undergraduate Courses I completed are:


Modern Chemistry

Calculus I & II

Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature I & II


Naval History

Leadership I & II

Introduction to Seamanship

Introduction to Navigation


Physics I & II

Calculus III

Probability and Statistics

Navigation and Piloting

Ethics and Moral Reasoning

Introduction to Computer Science

Object Oriented Programming

Computer Architecture and Organization

Systems Programming


Naval Warfare

Naval Engineering and Weapons

Control Systems Lab

Leadership: Theory and Applications

Data Structures and Algorithms

Computer Networks

Web and Internet Programming

Database Systems

IA and Network Security

Human Computer Interaction


Law for the Junior Officer

Electrical Engineering I and II


Junior Officer Marine Corps Practicum

Research Seminar/Capstone

Systems Analysis and Design

Advanced Database Systems

I am currently taking my last class to complete a Master's Degree in Computing and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Practical Experience

While at the Naval Academy:

3 weeks on DDG-61 shadowing

3 weeks on a 44 foot Sailboat with other Midshipmen

3 weeks on a Yard Patrol Craft

3 weeks with a Marine Corps Infantry Platoon

2 months Studying Chinese in Tianjin China

Post Graduation: 3 months serving as a Range Safety Officer training freshman at the United States Naval Academy in basic weapons handling and operation. The weapons used in training were the M-11 (SigSauer p228), and the M-16. Also received and gave basic instruction on the MP-5, the M-14, and the M-4.


I am very interested in most athletics (Note: I do not consider NASCAR, F1, Horse Racing, Pool, or Bowling athletics). I was a baseball player, wrestler, and golfer in high school. I played intercollegiate golf at the United States Naval Academy. My favorite (active) athlete is Tiger Woods. My favorite (all-time) athlete is Ozzie Smith.

I am also interested in overall fitness activities including, but not limited to, running, weight-lifting, kettle-bells, swimming, biking, hiking.

I am also interested in technology; however, my experience lies, mainly, in the realm of Computer Science/Information Technology.

Favorite Golf Courses Played

Cypress Point Golf Club in Monterey, CA

Pebble Beach, in Monterey, CA

The Preserve, in Monterey, CA

Tehama, in Monteray, CA

The Harvester, in Rhodes, IA

The Plantation Course, Kapalua, HI

Caves Valley, MD