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User:Jason S. Colflesh

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I received a Bachelor of Science from Ursinus College in Biology in 1995. I then proceeded to put that to use in the computer industry. A bit roundabout, I know. Along the way I took a large amount of undergraduate courses in Computer Science from Drexel (probably thirty-some credits).

For the last four years, I've been a computer programmer, working mostly with Powerbuilder. Eventually I'll take a shot at grad courses, but I don't expect that time to materialize soon.

In my spare time (between work and family), I squeeze in movies, music, gaming, and travel. I enjoy both nature and history, and the express themselves in interesting ways. I'll have equal amounts of fun nosing around a good example of Georgian architecture, and crawling around on a mountain. I've found the U.S. National Park System is a good outlet for that (State Park systems are good as well, but the NPS has a relatively managable volume to use as an excuse for wandering around).

I live by the Delaware Canal (or more officially the Delaware Division Canal). I also recently hiked around at the Allegheny Portage Railroad. You combine that with my having nosed around Citizendium a fair bit in the last few months, and you get me here as an author. My first project is to gradually get a set of articles put together about the various canals in Pennsylvania (along with the gravity railroads associated with them). Not sure where I'll go from there, but I expect those will keep me busy for at least a couple of months.