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Universal Permanent Number 1000000000088 1,000,000,000,088


Hugh Ching has solved the two problems of value and complete automation, which are unsolved by John von Neuman, and the problem of touch, which is missed by Isaac Newton and all the scientists since Newton, and which is necessary before force can be exerted. He was twice the table tennis champion at MIT, where he got the idea of ball control or touch with the publication of the book Table Tennis Scientific Analyses, for Coaches and Intermediate Players and graduated with BS, MS, and ScD majoring in plasma physics for controlled fusion. He did post-doctoral research at the Courant Institute under Harold Grad, with whose guidance he formulated the Generalized Fluid Description, which provides a correct and usable theoretical foundation for plasma physics. He spent eight years studying philosophy at UC Berkeley under the sponsorship of Paul Feyerabend and Benson Mates. He is the founder of Post-Science Institute and holds the patents (1) "Completely Automated And Self-generating Software System" (SSS) (Patent Number 5,485,601), which establishes a completely automated and permanent standard to replace the current temporary software standards, (2) "Quantitative Supply And Demand Model Based On Infinite Spreadsheet"(Pat. No. 6,078,901), and (3) a pending patent "Jumpulse Devices For Eliminating Bounces"" which will enable the creation of Self-manufacturing General Purpose Robots capable of touching and, thus, replacing all human physical labors. He holds the copyrights to the Infinite Spreadsheet software and to Permanent Integer ID Numbers from minus infinity to plus infinity, an intellectual property based on the Permanent Software. Jumpulse is a new word coined by the late Ta-You Wu, to denote a sudden change of force with the unit 1 wu = 1 newton, while impulse of Newton is a sudden change of momentum. Jumpulse also explains ball control, the ability of a player to keep an impacting ball on a racket for a prolonged period of time and the secret of consistency in sports. The jumpulse research was jointed by Tosiyasu L. Kunii, who founded the Computer Graphics Society with headquarters in Geneva, the Department of Information Science at the University of Tokyo, and the University of Aizu. He also form the SSS-DNA Team with Kunii, Chitoor V. Ramamoorthy. Kunii, Ram, and Ching has recently written the book Knowledge, scheduled for publication in 2007.

An Autobiographic Sketch Of Hugh Ching
The knowledge of thinkers becomes useful when the society has the need of the knowledge. I do not promote my knowledge when there is no need, but use it for the benefit of myself and my friends. For most of my life, I am financially and socially independent.

I was formally trained at MIT with BS, MS, and ScD in electrical and nuclear engineering. I did my postdoctoral training at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, as my thinking gradually switched from practical to theoretical. With the blessing of Harold Grad and the support of Paul Feyerabend, my thinking vaulted from science to post-science, which is knowledge beyond science dealing mainly with social and life sciences.

The Age of Science deals with material world and the non-violable laws of nature in science. The standard of rigor of science is empirical verification. The Age of Social Science will be characterized by rational behavior and decision making based on non-violable laws of nature in social science. The rigors of social and sciences, due to their complexity, are mathematics and logic, respectively. In the Age of Life Science, human beings will start to participate in the universal goal of the creation of permanent living systems. The Age will be based on the requirement of permanence or the solution of complete automation, which characterizes life.

The first permanent or completely automated human creation will be self-manufactured general purpose robots, with the ability of touch so that they will be able to replace all human physical labors. These robots will be programmed with completely automated software, which I invented, to improve robots. In the Age of Self-Creation, mankind will create itself as the final stage of robot development. Ta-You Wu and I solved the problem of touch.

When we start to self-create, we will know from our own design specification the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence. To me, the meaning of life is in its value, and the purpose of existence is self-creation. In 2000, I patented the solution of value.

It is best to describe me as a pure thinker. A pure thinker spends time mostly in thinking. Classical thinkers, such as Decartes, Hume, Spinoza, Kant, and modern thinkers, such as Marx, Friedman, Kunii, Ramamoorthy, Feyerabend, are pure thinkers.

I could be considered a modern Spiniza, with the ability of real estate market prediction, instead of grinding lenses and with formal training in science and mathematics, instead of classical and religious training of Spinoza.

But, unlike most thinkers of the past, I was very close to my immediate family members. I changed my profession from science to real estate investment, after my twin brother Joe had a mentally retarded and physically defective first child. After the death of this first child, I switched from a real estate professional to a thinker. I also rescued my old brother Bob from the verge of bankruptcy.

Most significant interaction with my family is that I spent two years taking care of my father and ten years, my mother. In fact, I extended the life of my mother by ten years after her doctor had given up on her. Taking care of my parents, from 1982 to 1993, forced me to continue to be a thinker, instead of working with Ta-You Wu, the head of Academic Sinica in Taiwan, on Post-Science in 1990. From my experience in caring for my mother, I invented Post-Science Medicine, which is based on the belief that Post-Science, in particularly, in Self-Creationism reqire us to live according to the design specifications of creation and on the belief that medicine is created with foods. In contrast, Western medicine is based on science.

The spirits of the pure thinkers of the past, the present, and the future reinforce each other and merge into one knowledge, generally, dissociated from the culture of the time. Pure thinkers are time travelers of cultures. For my own journey, I have progressed through my thinking from the current Age of Science to the Age of Social Science to the Age of Life Science to the Age of Robots to the Age of Self-Creation, each of which is separated from the next by about 500 years.

I believe that the first two years after, during, and prior my birth my brain was well calibrated for intelligence by my mother, who was an education major. When I was twelve in Japan, I realized one day in a sudden flash that my mind was brainwashed by Chiang Kai-shek when I stayed in Taiwan from six to twelve and subsequently started a process of self-deprogramming. So, I have a first-hand experience in the power of brainwashing.

I live in relative isolation, for I need time to think, trying to avoid the completely irrational society and associating mostly only with my fellow thinkers and "toy people" who, the best I can speculate, are created by our creators to accompany themselves.

To reinvigorate myself for thinking, I live a life, far more fun than most people. The accompany picture shows my student Chien Yi Lee who, being a toy human, admires my knowledge and a girl, who admires my Jumpulse Dance. Another largely neglected part of my living is my association with my twin sons brought to me from nowhere by Cathy Zhang, nicknames "Little Puppy." All my awaking time outside of thinking is happily occupied by Toy Dancing Doll and Little Puppy with her Twins Nathan and Niel. Life is complex. To live a satisfactory life, we have to arrange it, so that it fits our conditions. I think my life is very fitting for a thinker, yet I still need time to dicipher this deepest of all knowledge, I encountered. I make money only when I have the need.

Throughout my life, I have been helped by knowledgeable people with great intellectual integrity, among whom are Harold Grad, Paul Feyerabend, Benson Mates, Ta-You Wu, C. V. Ramamoorthy, and T. L. Kunii. Updated 2-28-2009

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