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Henry Clemente 33 Harkness Dr., Madison, CT 06443 USA Phone/Fax 203 421 4500 email

Profile Summary Henry J. Clemente

Mr. Clemente is a veteran of 25 years in the Life Sciences industry with more than 20 years of P & L responsibilities. He is a native of Philadelphia and managed a family owned business. More than 60 hours a week of full time work while attending College during the day instilled in a work ethic based upon creative hard work. The intricacies of finance, sales, and marketing were learned before 21 years of age. He describes himself as a problem solver who removes roadblocks to success.

Through out his professional life he has been involved with building companies and teams in technology driven organizations. After graduating from LaSalle University, he entered the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Chemical Corps and spent 2 years in the development of systems to capture and detect Biological and Chemical warfare agents. Mr. Clemente ‘s civilian career has been devoted to building the profitability and value of companies in the Separations Industry and Life Sciences field by developing new products or restructuring operations. He has held Executive positions in both large {Millipore, Cuno} and small [Immunicon, Clemente Associates Inc.] companies. Many of the positions required raising capital, building value, partnering and joint ventures on a global basis. During the first 10 years of his career he worked in a Regulatory Affairs environment and learned the Analytical Biochemistry market by managing more than 70 professional R & D people. The next 10 years were devoted to domestic and International marketing and sales, manufacturing and new product development. In this period, of licensing in and out, partnerships, patent estates and defenses as well as Merger and Acquisition activities were skills added to his general management capabilities.

During the past 10 years he has been intimately involved with the Cellular and Molecular Biology markets. He has secured funding and established partnerships with several companies.

Eastman Kodak Sterling Pharmaceuticals Genzyme Systemix Medigene

Mr. Clemente has also been involved with M & A activities and has worked with various companies in the separations industry including: Pall Corporation Millipore Parker Hannifin Corning Donaldson Sefar Sartorius Seitz Gelman Sciences Filtration Products Inc. Chisso

He has been involved with commercializing cellular technology with the following institutions; Yale University Intracellular Trafficking Harvard University School of Public Health Cell Twisting Cytometry University of Texas Medical Center Cancer detection in whole blood Baylor University Fetal cell detection in maternal whole blood NIH Cellular Enymatics Japanese Ministry of Health E. coli in food products Russian Academy of Sciences Blood viral factor purification Chinese Academy of Sciences Laser Vision technology Cornell Weiil School of Medicine Detecting defective genes Albert Einstein College of Medicine Intracellular trafficking

Mr. Clemente’s own company has licensed out technology in the areas of: Detection of Food borne pathogens Isolation of sex chromosomes in sperm Bacteria isolation in Dialysis water He has also worked with the Communicable Disease Center licensing in antibodies for food borne pathogens.

With 10 years of Regulatory Affairs Management in a Specialty Food [Infant Formula]/ Pharmaceutical company, Mr Clemente is well versed in the process of FDA approvals.

Mr. Clemente continues to thrive on building businesses that can both contribute to society and produce spectacular financial results in record times. This comes from his ability to develop and continually modify business plans and achieve contributions from well-directed people. He believes his persistence and contacts in the technology world, leadership style and attention to details are his strengths.