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Grant Sparks, (Australia)

Grant is the managing director of Brisbane based software consultancy hibana pty ltd.


Bachelor of Theology (Systematic Theology/Biblical Studies), Australian Catholic University 2001-2003 (full-time, Brisbane campus)

Employment History

Hibana Pty Ltd Managing Director April 2007 - Current date.

icemedia pty ltd Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager December 2004 - April 2007 Chief Executive Officer 1998 - 2001

Hibana Pty Ltd Managing Director 1995 – 1997


  • Electronics & RF
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Software engineering
  • Arguing about sex, politics and religion

Citizendium References

My email address, grant at remains the same as this early blog of mine (back in the 20th century before blogs were invented) [[1]] Send me email if you would like to test but be clear about it in the subject line please.

My slashdot userid is below 50k. It is my second account. I can post something to my /. journal if you want to test this too.