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Organizational development and survey expert David Zatz focuses on human issues to target and speed change efforts. While much of his work is centered around surveys, focus groups, and balanced scorecards, he is also an expert process consultant and facilitator. For example, a two-day session at a corporate travel agency led to a reduction in errors to one third of their previous level, without financial investments.

Dr. Zatz has spoken at conferences arranged by the Conference Board, Quality New Jersey, and the Association for Quality and Participation, and has published articles in journals (such as HRMagazine, Quality Digest, and Effective Executive), trade publications, and books (the Encyclopedia of Management and Business Strategy Book of Readings). His work has helped many organizations to cut costs while increasing service.

Before joining Toolpack Consulting, David was a consultant with Metrus Group, WLH Consulting, and Pace University. David has worked with clients such as the American Management Association, Arthrocare, BTI Americas, the Coast Guard, Enhanced Vision, General Fire & Casualty, Mattel, the City of New York, Pfizer, and Wakefern Foods. On the side, he is a member of the board of trustees of BCI.

David has a Ph.D. in social and organizational psychology from Columbia University.

Along the way, David has created a number of popular Web sites, including Allpar, a Chrysler-Dodge site, Allpar in Spanish, a car review site, a Valiant and Duster site, a Toyota and Corolla site, and a site for Macintosh statistical software.