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PhD Caltech 1975 Homepage: Sandbox
Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Physicist, Laser Fusion, Optical Diagnostics, 1975-1977. University of Florida, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, 1977-1983. Micanopy MicroSystems, Analog IC Design, Sabine Tuner, LockOn Tuner, ZCrypt, 1983-1997. National Semiconductor, Analog IC Design, Precision Voltage References, 1997-2000. Cadence Design Systems, Principal Product Engineer, Analog Artist, 2000-2003. University of Arizona, Research Associate, Registry of Internet Transmitters, PyKata, 2003-2012. Benson Animal Hospital, Business Manager, 2012... Director of Engineering, Ellen's Farm, 2014...
Currently: Associate Editor, Engineering, Citizendium

Update Nov 2021: My current interest is nuclear power and the promise of a solution to the global warming problem. A few months ago I had one of those moments where my thinking radically changed from what I had believed for decades. I had been anti-nuclear, but mostly inattentive. This was in spite of working two years as a physicist with nuclear fusion. I am now learning everything I can about fission.

Note: I am not pro-nuclear. I am pro-science. I am pro anything that will provide a good substitute for fossil fuels, including nuclear. I live in a big beautiful desert, with lots of sun. My business is 100% solar powered, and that is saving me about $100 per month. This success, however, depends on my power company providing 100% credit on excess power I generate - effectively a free battery with unlimited capacity. I remain hopeful that there will be a major breakthrough in the cost of utility-scale energy storage.

2010: My current interest is in the problem of establishing trust on the Internet, particularly for email systems. I have started a non-profit, which is sponsoring a Registry of Internet Transmitters. I am also the mail admin for, which provides the real-world experience I need to develop better models and systems. Before I retire, I would like to put a big dent in the Internet crime problem. I believe the Registry will do that. Email system

Update Nov 2021: The Registry worked even better than I expected, but I could not get any participation from the email establishment. I don't mind contributing my time and all the programming effort, but I have no desire to go into business again. Anyway, the big companies, Google et. al. have figured it out, and are doing a good job at blocking incoming spam with their proprietary systems. Not as good as they could have done with a shared Registry, but good enough to keep their customers happy.

Older work:
  Hierarchical routing
  Shortest path routing - This one got a lot of clicks in Google's performance report. I hope some CS teachers found it useful.
Email system
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                        > Internet     > Email
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