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User:David L Green

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Having grown up on a farm, I’ve always had an interest, and ties to agriculture. In addition to general row crop and dairy work, I have about 35 years experience specializing with fruit and vegetable horticulture and apiculture. For 25 years I was a commercial beekeeper who mainly provided pollination service for fruit and vegetable growers.

During this time, I freelanced many articles and photos for magazines and other media, and was often a speaker at local, regional and state meetings. In the early ‘90s I began what evolved into The Pollination Home Page, which was one of the first content providers on the Internet in this subject area. The page is still up at (although it’s a bit stale from lack of recent updating).

I have a B.A. degree in general science, and some graduate work in education. Besides agriculture, I am interested in biodiversity, environment, geography, history (particularly local and biographical) and many other eclectic issues.

I’m also active in my mainline Protestant church, having a Master of Divinity degree, and have been an active lay speaker, supplying the pulpit at times and working in various church projects and groups at the local and regional level. I have been actively involved as a volunteer in hurricane relief. I am actively researching in the areas of church history, Methodism, evangelicalism, and church and state issues.

I retired from commercial beekeeping five years ago. Three years ago, I became editor of a small local newspaper, and of course, would add journalism and photojournalism to my areas of interest. I’m involved in many community projects, but expect to have increasing amounts of time (for writing and photography) after a second retirement at an unspecified future date.