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User:Charles Patrick Rock

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Currently, Prof. of Economics, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida (since 1984). Education: Ph.D. Econ (Cornell; 1986); MA Int'l.Affairs Media & Education (Ohio U. 1979); BA Psych/Sciences (Williams College 1970).

Full Time Research & Teaching Abroad: Ireland (1 yr); Denmark (1 yr); Bulgaria (1 yr); Botswana (2 yrs); Hungary (1/2 yr). Short term in several other countries. Given my length of service, our emphasis on teaching, and flexibility of small nonprofit university-level institution, have taught the vast majority of traditional sub-disciplinary courses in the field of economics over past 30 years.

Specializations or areas of significant knowledge/research/reading/teaching: Alternative Capitalisms; Comparative Economic Policy (Alternative Ideologies, Theory, Method, Values & Policy Prescriptions); Workplace democracy theory & practice; Alternative or Democratic Financial Institutions; Post-Communist Transitions; Social Democratic Economies; Comparative Economic Welfare Regimes; Country studies of Sweden, Bulgaria; History of Economic Thought; Keynes & Keynesianism; History of democratic socialist thought; 'Liberty & Freedom' in Economic Thought; Political Economy of Mass Media, & of Education; Economic Development; Creating a New Economics (Major) in Content and Pedagogy (last 10 years); Heterodox schools in economics. Currently working on writing in alternative economic ideologies & global microfinance and measured/measurable effects.

Volunteer Work over 30 years: Creation process and later Board (of Directors) Service on a low-income Credit Union (a credit cooperative of democratically controlled by members) and a Revolving Loan Fund (second degree nonprofit lending to nonprofit organizations that focus on the poor and low income.