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Welcome! I am an intellectual property attorney currently living in the great Washington, D.C. area.


So far, I have made fairly substantial contributions to the following articles:

I have made minor contributions to:


I received Bachelor's Degrees in Sociology and in Philosophy from Florida International University ("FIU") in December of 1996; a Master of Arts in Comparative Sociology from FIU in August of 2002; a Graduate Professional Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building from FIU in April of 2002, and a Juris Doctor from the Florida International University College of Law in April of 2005.

Prior to the completion of my Master's Degree, I served in AmeriCorps for two years, working with a team that was primarily engaged in eradication of invasive exotic species in the Florida State Park system, but which also engaged in a wide range of educational and public service activities.

While in law school, I was an articles editor of the FIU Law Review. As an attorney, I have been admitted to practice in the state of Florida and before the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. My practice has consisted primarily of trademark prosecution and litigation, with lesser areas of activity in litigation relating to copyright, right of publicity, and defamation matters. I was an associate with a well-regarded intellectual property firm from August of 2005 until April of 2007, when I started my own firm focusing on trademark searches, clearance, and registration.

I have engaged in several significant pieces of writing during my academic career. I received awards from the Sociology and Philosophy departments for senior papers written in each discipline. My Master's Thesis, entitled An Examination of the Possible Consolidation of African-American Political Power Through Selective Migration was 158 pages, including extensive statistical analysis of historic migration patterns. It is available in the FIU Library, and can be verified through a search of the FIU library catalog under my name.

My Law Review Comment, Why the Limited Liability Company Should Sound the Death Knell of the Application of the ‘Nexus of Contracts’ Theory to Corporations, was selected for publication in the inaugural issue of the FIU Law Review, and can be found at 1. FIU L. REV 185. The paper dealt with specific implications of various theories of business entities. I have completed a substantial article on the application of antitrust laws to the tobacco industry, which will be published in a notable law journal in the Spring of 2008, under the title "Let Them Eat Smoke."