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The piano is a musical instrument which produces sound when keys on its keyboard is pressed, moving hammers that strike wire strings. The strings vibrate, sending sound through the bridges of the piano into the soundboard, which amplifies the sound. A person who plays the piano is a pianist.

The piano is a large, non-handheld instrument, typically requiring the pianist to sit while playing.

The piano is used commonly in many types and genres of music, particularly in Western music. Genres in which the piano is commonly found include classical music, jazz, and pop music. The piano is used as a solo instrument, as part of an ensemble, and for accompaniment.

History and development of the piano



The fortepiano

Modern pianos



Non-acoustic pianos

These pianos are arguably not real pianos, as they only resemble the shape of a piano but produce sound in manners other than that of the traditional piano.

  • Electric piano
  • Digital piano