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A list of key readings about United States Army.
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  • Allen, Matthew. Military Helicopter Doctrines of the Major Powers, 1945-1992: Making Decisions about Air-Land Warfare (1993) online edition
  • Bluhm, Raymond. U.S. Army: A Complete History, (2005) oversize, heavily illustrated excerpt and text search
  • Brown, Jerold E., ed. Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Army (2001), 660pp online edition
  • Dastrup, Boyd L. The Field Artillery: History and Sourcebook (1994) online edition
  • Doughty, Robert. et al. American Military History And The Evolution Of Western Warfare (1996)
  • Hogan, David W. 225 Years of Service: The U.S. Army, 1775-2000 (2003)
  • Macgregor, Douglas A. Transformation under Fire: Revolutionizing How America Fights, (2003) online edition
  • Odom, William O. After the Trenches: The Transformation of U.S. Army Doctrine, 1918-1939, (1999) online edition
  • Pogue, Forrest C. The Supreme Command (1996), WW2 Europe online edition
  • Quimby, Robert S. The U.S. Army in the War of 1812: An Operational and Command Study (1997) online edition
  • Sarkesian, Sam C., and Robert E. Connor Jr., eds. America's Armed Forces: A Handbook of Current and Future Capabilities (1994) online edition
  • Weigley Russell F. The American Way of War: A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy. (1977).