USS Cole (DDG-67)

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USS Cole (DDG-67) is a destroyer of the Burke-class in the United States Navy.[1] She was commissioned on June 8, 1996, and first deployed to the Persian Gulf in February 1998.

Attack on the Cole

For more information, see: 2000 attack on USS Cole.

On October 12, 2000, during a refueling visit at Aden, Yemen, she was struck by an explosive-carrying small-boat, operated by two members of al-Qaeda, who carried out a suicide attack. 17 United States sailors were killed. Cdr. Kirk Lippold was in command.

Returned to the United States on the heavy-lift ship SS Blue Marlin, she was recommissioned on April 19, 2002, and returned to operational duty in November 2003.



Retaliatory missile strikes were launched against al-Qaeda targets, but did not kill the leadership.[2]



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