The Munsters

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The Munsters was a gothic-comedy television show which first aired in 1964 on CBS, running until September 1966. It has subsequently been re-aired on many TV networks and it has often been confused with a similar show first shown on ABC, The Addams Family, which also ran during this period. The show was developed, written and producted by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.[1]

Butch Patrick played the role of the wolfman-like son, Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster, while Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo played his parents, Herman Munster and Lily Munster, and Al Lewis played Grandpa. These actors held their roles for the entirety of the filming. The role of Marilyn Munster was first played by Beverley Owen from September 24, 1964 until December 17, 1964, when she was replaced by Pat Priest.[2]