The Hudsons

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The Hudsons[1] is a folk music band from Austin, Texas that was named the 2006-2007 Best Folk Band in Austin by the Austin Chronicle[2]. Although hard pressed to describe their music, they are generally listed as folk-rock, Americana or folk artists, although they write songs in genres including folk, swing, Americana, blues and rap. The band consists of Hudson Mueller and Brian Hudson, who have been playing together for six years. Both Brian and Hudson are singer-songwriters and they have regular gigs at the famous Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas, situated between Austin and San Antonio. They are often accompanied by Leah Zeger on violin, Aeron Starr on harmonica, and Shawn Tuthill on trumpet, whistling, and djembe. According to musician Darren Appelt, "They're the most creative songwriters in Austin right now."[3] Brian and Hudson joined forces as the Hudsons after tying in the Kerville Folk Festival Student Songwriting Contest in 2002 and performing together at the festival.


They include the following among their most important influences: The Beatles, the Bible, Leonard Cohen, Joseph Heller, Bill Hicks, the Little Gentlemen, Willie Nelson, Randy Newman, Old Crow Medicine Show, Joe Rogan, the Shins, Paul Simon, Elliott Smith, Todd Snider, Bob Schnieder, Matt Schneiderman Kurt Vonnegut, Ween and Warren Zevon.