The Apostles (TV series)

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The Apostles
Director Bob Bee, Simon Cherry, Paul Condon
Producer Ray Bruce, Bob Bee, Simon Cherry
Screenwriter Melvyn Bragg
Narrator Melvyn Bragg
Music Robert Hartshorne
Editor Bruno Mansi
Studio London Weekend Television
Distributor ITV (TV), Kultur (DVD)
Released Broadcast 2001, Released on DVD: 15 April 2003
Filmed 2000-2001
Length 260 minutes
Origin United Kingdom
Language English

The Apostles was a 2001, ten-part television series, on the speculated lives of the Apostles presented by Melvyn Bragg, for London Weekend Television. Commissioned by Steve Anderson, each episode ran for 30 minutes and interviewed historians, biblical scholars, theologians, and the clergy, in an attempt to uncover the lives and identities of the first disciples who followed the teachings of Jesus. The last episode included the significant role of Mary Magdalene with the Apostles, which was criticised by some churches as being too historically revisionist. The series was later released on a single DVD disc (260 minutes) in 2003, as The Apostles: the Complete Ten-part Series the Story of the First Disciples of Christ.