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This documentation is transcluded from Template:TlDeprecate/doc (edit | history)

This template is meant to be used to mark other templates as deprecated.
It shows a standard message and adds the templates to Category:Templates/Deprecated.

Note: This page is not deprecated; just those on which the template is used!


The code <noinclude>{{TlDeprecate}}</noinclude> should be placed at the top of the page, outside any other noinclude or includeonly tags.
There is an optional parameter which changes the text of the last line. It is recommended that this be used to specify alternatives to using the deprecated template.


Standard notice


This template is deprecated. Please do not use it.
It is possible to obtain the same result using other templates or simple code.

Custom notice

<noinclude>{{TlDeprecate|It is preferable to use {{tl|TlDoc}} instead.}}</noinclude>

This template is deprecated. Please do not use it.
It is preferable to use {{TlDoc}} instead.