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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Props/doc (edit | history)

Template Usage

  • {{Props}} is automatically included on /Properties subpages.

On other pages, use {{Props}} to display a table of properties.

So for instance...

The properties that are listed at Iron/Properties/List are:

Atomic symbol
Atomic number
Atomic mass

so that when we say:


we get:

Properties of Iron
Atomic_symbol: Fee
Atomic number: 26e
Atomic mass: 55.845e
Standard phase: Solide
Elemental Class: Transition metale
Electronegativity: 1.83e
Melting point: 1,538 °C e
Boiling point: 2,861 °C e
Note: Please see template {{Props}} for instructions on adding new properties of Iron to this table.

Properties that do not have corresponding subpages do not appear in the table. Since Iron/Atomic number exists, it returns the "value" that is displayed in the table. Iron/Molecular formula does not, and so it does not appear.


There is a limitation in the template expansion logic for CZ. The problem has been fixed with a workaround. Please bear with the growing pains while we try and resolve the issue...Perhaps someday cz will resolve this issue...

So, at this time, the only properties that will appear on a "Props" table at this time are:

Atomic symbol
Atomic number
Atomic mass
Standard phase
Molar mass
Elemental Class
Molecular formula
electron configuration
Electrons per shell
Specific gravity
Molar volume
Melting point
Boiling point
Critical point
Triple point
Heat of fusion
Heat of vaporization
Heat capacity
Decomposition temperature
Vapor pressure
Vapor pressure comment
Crystal structure
Oxidation states
1st ionization energy
2nd ionization energy
3rd ionization energy
Atomic radius
Atomic radius (calc.)
Covalent radius
Van der Waals radius
Magnetic ordering
Electrical resistivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal diffusivity
Thermal expansion
Speed of sound
Young's modulus
Shear modulus
Bulk modulus
Poisson ratio
Mohs hardness
Vickers hardness
Brinell hardness
CAS number
Refractive index

If you would like to add a particular property to this list, please feel free to edit the template itself ( {{Props}} ). Dont forget to update the /doc as well :-)...http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Template:Props/doc

Also: There is a "sentinel" template at Lithium/Isotopes which implements the "original" logic for Props. It has been left "broken"...it doesn't work but it should... intentionally. Thank you for your patience.