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Template:Infobox road

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox road/doc (edit | history)

This template is to be used on articles concerning roads, streets, highways, freeways, or any other notable path.


  • marker_image-This parameter is used to display the marker attributed to the subject road.
  • Road_name-This is the official name of the road
  • alternate_name-This is the commonly used name of the road
  • country-This is the country the road is located in.
  • province-This is the province the road is located in.
  • state-This is the state that the road is located in.
  • city-This is the city that the road is located in.
  • length_mi-This is the length of the road in miles. It will display as a {{convert}}ed figure, including both miles and kilometres
  • established-This is the date the road was established. Precise dates are best, but approximations are ok as well.
  • direction_a-This is the direction the road is traveling.
  • direction_b-This is the alternate direction of the road. Usually the opposite of direction_a.
  • starting_terminus-This is where the road officially begins.
  • ending_terminus-This is where the road officially ends.
  • junction-This is a list of major junctions.
  • map-This displays a map of the road and its surroundings.


Hawaii route 92
Nimitz Highway
Location United States of America

Honolulu, Hawaii

Established 1940's
Length 9.3 mi (14.97 km)
Direction East-West
East end 0.6 miles east of the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki
West end I-H1.jpg Interstate H-1 in Honolulu
Nimitz highway.jpg

{{Infobox road
|Road_name=Hawaii route 92
|alternate_name=Nimitz Highway
|country=United States of America
|starting_terminus=0.6 miles east of the Ala Wai Canal in [[Waikiki]]
|ending_terminus=[[Image:I-H1.jpg|20px]] [[Interstate H-1]] in [[Honolulu, Hawaii|Honolulu]]
|map=Nimitz highway.jpg