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Template:Infobox Bible Translations

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† {{{image}}}
Full name: {{{full_name}}}
Other names: † {{{other_names}}}
Abbreviation: † {{{abbreviation}}}
Language: † {{{language}}}
NT published: † [[{{{NT_published}}}]]
OT published: † [[{{{OT_published}}}]]
Complete Bible published: † [[{{{complete_bible_published}}}]]
Author(s): † {{{author_info}}}
Derived from: † {{{derived_from}}}
Translation type: † {{{translation_type}}}
Reading Level: † {{{reading_level}}}
Version Revised: † {{{version_revised}}}
Publisher: † {{{publisher}}}
Copyright status: † {{{copyright}}}
Copies Printed: † {{{copies_printed}}}
Religious Affiliation: † {{{religious_affiliation}}}
This template employs intricate features of template syntax.
You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with its setup and parser functions before editing the template.
If your edit causes unexpected problems, please undo it quickly, as this template may appear on a large number of pages.
Remember that you can and should conduct experiments and test improvements in your user space before changing anything here.
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox Bible Translations/doc (edit | history)

The infobox on this page is for including on each/every page of a Bible translation. Most of the parameters are optional: these are marked "†". You should see the talk page for examples.

To see examples of actual usage on Bible translation pages see What links here


Almost all the parameters are optional:

{{Bible translation infobox | translation_title=
| image =
| full_name=
| other_names=
| abbreviation=
| language=
| NT_published=
| OT_published=
| complete_bible_published=
| derived_from=
| translation_type=
| version_revised=
| publisher=
| copyright=
| copies_printed=
| religious_affiliation=

Test on a standard major Bible (e.g. GNB or NIV)

Good News Bible
Full name: Good News Bible
Abbreviation: GNB
Language: English
NT published: 1966
OT published: 1976
Complete Bible published: 1976
Author(s): United Bible Society
Version Revised: 1976
Publisher: Uni
Copies Printed: 2,000,000
Religious Affiliation: Christian

Test on a minimalist usage

This test is to see what gets displayed when almost none of the infobox is filled in. The idea here is that all the compulsory fields should be displayed, and all the optional fields should not be displayed

Full name: {{{full_name}}}

Test of the infobox on a fictitious translation:

This test is simply to try out ALL of the fields without worrying about factual accuracy (note that it has both "published", "NT_published", and "OT_published", where "published" is for translations which did not publish OT and NT separately).

Full name: {{{full_name}}}
Abbreviation: NGRB
NT published: 1/12/1965
OT published: 1/11/1975
Complete Bible published: 1/11/1975
Author(s): A committee of unknown priests on Summer holiday
Derived from: King James Version, and The Intel 486 Programming Manual vols. 1 and 2
Version Revised: Original Nonprobable Bible (ONB)

Test of the infobox on a very early translation

Full name: {{{full_name}}}
Abbreviation: n/a
NT published: 1/12/1965
OT published: 1/11/1975
Complete Bible published: 1/11/1975