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{{{ToA editor}}} nominated this article for approval. An unknown workgroup oversaw this approval


This template is used to document the approval process on the /Approval subpage of an article (see Shirley Chisholm/Approval for an example). After the approval process is complete, the ToApprove metadata should be deleted from the Metadata subpages and pasted into a call of this template on the /Approval subpage. For more information about the process, see CZ:Approval Process.

The template fields include:

|cat1 =
|cat2 =
|cat3 =
|article url =
|subpage url = 
|cluster =
|now =
|ToA editor=
|ToA editor2=
|ToA editor3=
|date =

Type of approval

Whole cluster use the article url and the cluster field.
Article only use the article url and leave the cluster field blank.
Subpage only us the subpage url field and leave the cluster field blank.
Article and ONE subpage use both the article and subpage url fields but leave the cluster field blank.


cat1 = must be an existing workgroup

cat2 = second workgroup (optional but must use before group3 if only two workgroups)

cat3 = third workgroup (optional)

article url = the location in the page history where the version-to-approve lives.

subpage url = the location in the page history where the version-to-approve lives.

cluster = add text here if the whole cluster needs to be approved, otherwise leave blank.

now = the date and time when the template was added.

ToA editor = the username of the person who did the approval (or who nominated the article on behalf of a group of people)

ToA editor2 = second editor (optional but must use before editor3 if only two editors approved)

ToA editor3 = third editor (optional)

date = format yyyymmdd (typically three days after "now", to allow copyedits and suggestions)

removed = who removed the template. Only used in cases where the ToApprove template was removed before the approval took place. Explanation can go underneath the template on the approval page.