Taurus (song)

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'Taurus' is the eighth and final movement on Jon Lord's 1970 album Gemini Suite. It consists primarily of an extended organ solo by Jon Lord, which was considered a highlight of the concert when the album was performed live. Deep Purple Mk II performed this song (later released as Gemini Suite Live in 1993), along with a later studio line-up which formed the basis of the official album recording.

  • Musicians:
    • Jon Lord – piano, organ
    • Albert Lee – guitars
    • Ian Paice – drums
    • Tony Ashton - keyboards, vocals
    • Yvonne Elliman - vocals
    • Roger Glover - bass guitar
    • Malcolm Arnold - conductor
    • The London Symphony Orchestra
  • Production:
    • Martin Birch - engineer
    • Michael Lee Gray - engineer
    • Phil McDonald - engineer
    • David Stock - engineer