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Corruption in Russia [moved from main as it requires significant work on neutrality - move back when fixed]

The modern Russia appears as a product of decay of the USSR in 1993. At the end of the USSR, the Soviet veterans were not lustrated and kept their treasures and power; so at the beginning of century 21, Russia is considered to be one of the most corrupted countries. The highest position in Russian Administration is occupied first by Bolshevik and soviet veteran Boris Yeltsun (1993-2000), and then by another Bolshevik and, in addition, the KGB agent Vladimir Putin. Putin is believed to keep the superior power. In 2008-2012, Putin used help of Dmitrii Medvedev who served him as president in 2008-2012; such a politics is called Castling [1] and provoked many jokes. Putin is believed to be führer [2] of the Russian corruption [3]. The Putin's party United Russia is blamed in fascism and terrorism [4][5][6][7][8][9].

The criminal terrorists are believed to keep the superior power in Russia with the election fraud, alliterating the results of the federal election [10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17].

The top leaders of Russia declare a "war against corruption", but admit the failure [18]. The total corruption predetermines the decay of science in Russia.

Wrong picture from the Russian school textbook [19]

Since the USSR, the scientific level of Russian ministers drops down. They approve the school textbooks with severe errors [19]. One of them is shown in figure at right, it pretends to demonstrate the analysis and synthesis of white light with prisms.

Corruption allows the people without education to get fake diploma and occupy the positions of directors and ministers [20][21][22][23]; they support pseudo-scientific research and explicit frauds, including construction of the perpetual motion machines, inertioids [24][25] and fabrication of fake archeological evidences [26][27]. No big scientific project can be developed in Russia, because the funds are robbed by the top of the administration. In particular, this refers to the pretentious pseudo-scientific project "Skolkovo" [28][29][30][31] and to the cosmic projects. Russian officials attribute the failures of the Russian cosmic programs to foreign sabotage [32].


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Well, it's substantially accurate, though not very neutral in tone. And of course the English is awful. A couple of illustrations.

  1. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague recently found Russia guilty of looting Yukos, just one example of many such.
  2. When a lawyer called Magnitzky exposed this sort of thing, he was tortured to death by the police and then put on trial for tax fraud. This seems to be the first postumous trial since that of Pope Formosus in the Dark Ages.

Peter Jackson 16:50, 16 October 2014 (UTC)

Interesting is the European Court of Human Rights table of violations found in 2013: [1]. Russia has more "convictions" than any other member, though Turkey is only just behind. It's been found guilty of violating all the articles except slavery, thought, marriage, discrimination and education. And remember that's just in one year. Peter Jackson 10:46, 20 October 2014 (UTC)